Lesson Plan August 27, 2020

Curricular Materials for The 1857 Project



The 1857 Project curricular resources include reading guides, a lesson plan, and extension activities—developed to support student engagement with The 1857 Project. Inspired by The 1619 Project from the New York Times MagazineThe 1857 Project is a special issue of the Gateway Journalism Review that chronicles the history of racial injustice in St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois. It is called The 1857 Project because of the important events that happened in St. Louis that year, such as the Dred Scott decision and the Lincoln-Douglas debates. This 80-page spring issue explores the history of race in the land of Dred Scott through visual and written pieces from journalists, authors, artists, students, and educators. The resources were developed by Christina Sneed, an educator and instructional coach from St. Louis, MO.

Please visit the permanent home for these materials at http://pulitzercenter.org/1857.


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